Global Support

Choosing the right solution

Selecting the right coating solution is often a tricky decision. The wrong decision can lead to increased costs and thus dissatisfaction. For this reason, we take the right time out for our customers, particularly at the beginning of the project, to allow us to identify the necessary coating for the special application. This is why our experts attempt to understand our customers’ business, the specific application details and the requirements for the coating. Based on this information, we advise our customers and design, together with them, the right coating solution for their use. Our technical service team is available to assist our customers across the world with all questions relating to the development and application process:

  • Support in selecting the materials
  • Clarification of the fundamental processes
  • Creating prototypes and samples
  • Technical advice
  • Cost optimization
  • Proof of feasibility

Sales strategies

For GREBLON® , the dialogue with the customer is an important cornerstone of long-term partnerships. Due to the extensive WEILBURGER expertise as a partner for industry and retail, we don’t just guarantee a professional, tailored project implementation, but also to support and advise you with the correct sales strategy.

We support our customers across the world from planning, throughout the whole manufacture process, right up to marketing the end product as a partner.

The decision for a coating solution is complex and depends on many individual criteria: time, costs, material selection etc.

Which is the best coating solution for your requirements and market goals?

We are always able to advise and assist you: based on our decades of experience, we support you throughout the whole development and application process, right up to marketing the product.

Head of Sales