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With the GREBLON® COLOUR LAB you can retrieve every solution - whether external or internal coating - perfectly digitally simulated - in 3D and in all color and shape-variants.

More colours

With even more colours and effects, the desktop application now offers over 1.7 million possible combinations for external, internal and handle coatings.

More functions

The GREBLON® COLOUR LAB 2.0 is easy and uncomplicated to use. Their depiction in photographic image quality is so close to the real product that making the decision is easy. A larger view shows structural details which are hard to distinguish from the real product.

With Version 2.0, you immediately have the possibility of storing all configured combinations and giving this out in the form of a PDF document with pictures and product information.

More original

To achieve as realistic a depiction of the product and its colours as possible, the original template was scanned with a colour-measuring device and the digital counterpart was visually assessed and optimised in a second process using specially calibrated monitors.

Even for export as a PDF, we ensured that the colour depiction was as close to the original as possible. The requirement for this is a calibrated printer.

Download Colour Lab 2.0

Installation guide

1. Copy the file for your operating system to your desktop.
2. Extract the ZIP file.
3. You can use your software now.


COLOUR LAB 2.0 for macOS

Download of the GREBLON® COLOUR LAB 2.0 for macOS Systems (~350MB)



COLOUR LAB 2.0 for Windows

Download of the GREBLON® COLOUR LAB 2.0 for Windows Systems (~420MB)


We support our customers in planning their product range flexibly, illustrating this in a realistic fashion and configuring this easily. For this, you have a variety of colour tones and effects, as well as a number of combinations of internal and external colours and handle coatings to choose from. To visualise various combination options quickly and simply, we offer the GREBLON® COLOUR LAB 2.0 as a practical app.

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