Sales promotion and marketing support

Full Service for your sales

For our customers, we have a full set of options to promote your sales and offer you marketing support. Using this expertise, we can support you in successfully setting your products up at the POS and selecting the right media for information, communication and marketing – in your country’s language, of course.

Extract from our sales set for you:

  • Labelling
  • Sales tools such as colour Lab 2.0
  • Information material
  • Marketing material for successful sales
  • Film material to incorporate into communication

GREBLON® on YouTube

You can also find GREBLON® films about sales support or about our test procedures on our YouTube channel.

GREBLON® YouTube Channel

Today, GREBLON® is one of the most modern ingredient brands on the market. Our label makes an important differentiation of quality on the shelf and has a positive effect on sales success. But marketing support goes beyond the label, for us. We support our customers actively with the endorsement of the coating.

Product Manager

What you see is what you get!

Quality labelling for quality products

GREBLON® supports its customers worldwide in marketing and sales promotion. An example of this is the quality labelling of GREBLON® products on the market and in the markets. According to the motto: what you see is what you get! The labelling serves to allow customers to recognise GREBLON® products on the market and see them as quality products for the end consumer. Our customers across the world confirm: the GREBLON® label convinces consumers of the quality of their product at the POS, and is thus an important sales factor and feature that places us a cut above the competition. From this we can tell that we have consistently performed solid communication and marketing work and our brand represents high-quality coating solutions worldwide – and this across our whole product range.

  • Marketing and labelling with GREBLON® means focusing on effect and sales
  • Today GREBLON® is seen and recognised globally
  • We ensure that GREBLON® technology is understood by everyone

Our Label

  • Reference to the market segment (cookware) via the colour system
  • GREBLON® as a benchmark for the highest coating quality
  • Actual product designation
  • Star system to differentiate quality
  • Focus on the WEILBURGER family brand
  • Technological know-how »Made in Germany«