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GREBLON® is the quality brand of WEILBURGER for non-stick coatings, decorative external coatings and functional coatings. GREBLON® covers the complete product range of high-quality non-stick coatings for household goods.

Attractive and repellent at the same time!

Sticking to the bottom, but not to the top. Non-stick coatings manage this optimal balancing act. They make it possible for a coating to stick to the substrate and at the same time, not to stick to the food.

They are designed in such a way that the underside and top side of the coating have different quantities of bonding agent and non-stick components. Such a distribution can be ideally displayed as a multi-layer system.

GREBLON® CEBTD – the right non-stick coating for every application

GREBLON® is non-stick technology. Whether for cookware, electrical appliances, bakeware, tools or decorative coatings, GREBLON® ’s wide range always offers the right solution for every application. GREBLON® non-stick coatings offer more than just a nice appearance. They guarantee an excellent result: when frying, baking, barbecuing, straightening or even when ironing. This means that frying pans, waffle irons, table barbecues, baking tins as well as garden shears can become the products our customers imagine. With this, we always focus on the end customer. The GREBLON® code represents the world of non-stick coatings simply and comprehensively. This means that our customers can communicate the quality of the coating to the end user.

GREBLON® makes test winners

GREBLON® represents premium non-stick technology. For over 40 years, we have been developing products with this claim. This is also why our customers have regularly been selected as test winners. The GREBLON® quality is regularly confirmed by independent test institutes (such as LGA, Institute Nehring or the Stiftung Warentest).

Today, GREBLON® covers the complete product range of PTFE to ceramic coatings. In terms of function and design, we can offer coatings that leading manufacturers have trusted for decades.

GREBLON® is leading the way forward

Thanks to intensive and sustainable research and development work, we are constantly measuring our product development according to the highest benchmarks. As an innovator for retail and industry, we develop the coating solution today for the demands of tomorrow. For this, each day we throw ourselves with great passion into uncharted territories and develop new products in close agreements with our customers. As a result of the intensive research and development work, GREBLON® is a modern innovator for high-quality non-stick coatings.

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