What are the special needs and special interests for non-stick technology in Brazil?

Because of the current economic situation, many Brazilians have had to change their habits. People only buy products if they are deemed indispensable, which thus means spending in homeware has reduced. For example, before 2014, many consumers purchased cookware sets. Today, we see that the trend has changed to single items.

What is the challenge in the Brazilian market for GREBLON® ?

In Brazil, around 70% of cooking utensils are produced for the South American market. Around 95% of our utensils are coated using roller coating. The process makes it possible to coat many units quickly, to use almost all the coating material as well as achieve a uniform application of the coating material.

What are the special interests of the Brazilian consumers and partners?

As well as the search for new colours and increasing quality demands, the ABNT rating is very important in Brazil. With GREBLON® CR+, we have introduced a revolutionary roller coating product to the market. It is the only roller coating product which is guaranteed an A rating in the ABNT.

Non-Stick Technology Expert