What are the special needs and special interests for non-stick technology in China?

Traditional Chinese home cooking is done on iron woks and pots. Maximum heating is normal while stir-frying with constant movement. Metal wok turners are a must.

What is the challenge in the Chinese market for GREBLON® ?

The Chinese market is the largest cookware market. Thanks to the economic growth and increasing prosperity the inland demand for high-quality cookware is increasing. China is also where the majority of cookware for the American and European markets is produced. The challenge lies in both – innovative cooking with high-performance and entry-level products – with easy application.

What are the special interests of the Chinese consumers and partners?

As well as the cookware market, China is also the largest market for electrical appliances. With our product line GREBLON® E for electrical appliances, we also offer tailor-made non-stick coatings for table barbecues, waffle irons, steam irons and other electrical appliances.

Non-Stick Technology Expert