What are the special needs and special interests for non-stick technology in Germany?

The German market is characterised by premium manufacturers who are recognised worldwide. Due to the ever-stronger decrease in specialist retail, non-food items have taken on an even wider space in the food retail sector.

What is the challenge in the German market for GREBLON® ?

As an innovation-driven manufacturer of non-stick coatings, the challenge is also to develop entry-level products with attractive prices which correspond to the usual high GREBLON® claims and above all, the high standards of the German Food Law.

What are the special interests of the German consumers and partners?

With a wide product range and marketing tailored to target groups, GREBLON® has met these developments. With our GREBLON® code, we have managed to illustrate the world of non-stick coatings in a simple and comprehensive manner. This makes it possible for our customers to communicate the quality of the coating to the end consumer.

Non-Stick Technology Expert