What are the special needs and special interests for non-stick technology in Italy?

The Italian market is one of the most important European cookware markets. Many notable manufacturers are based in Italy. As well as spray coatings, the Italian products are particularly well known for their high competence when it comes to roller coating in Europe.

What is the challenge in the Italian market for GREBLON® ?

Over the last few years, the quality requirements of our roller coating products have increased massively. Long-term non-stick performance, high abrasion resistance, no corrosion, deep drawing capabilities in roller coatings etc. are standard requested features.

What are the special interests of the Italian consumers and partners?

As a competence centre for roller coating, WEILBURGER Italy employs a highly competent R&D team. With our GREBLON® CR+, a revolutionary product for roller coating was recently developed. With this, we actually developed the only roller coating product that has achieved an »LGA good« rating.

Non-Stick Technology Expert