What are the special needs and special interests for non-stick technology in Russia?

The Russian market stands for »heavy duties«, this means heavy cast aluminium and chill casting, characterised by a high level of quality. As a consequence, the non-stick technology is becoming increasingly valuable. The end consumers are interested in environmentally-friendly and long serving products.

What is the challenge in the Russian market for GREBLON® ?

In Russia, we primarily produce for our own market. The demand is increasing and with an ever more prosperous middle class, the quality demand of the end consumer is also increasing. The need for functional and aesthetic household goods with PTFE non-stick coatings is increasing across Russia.

How are people reacting to these demands?

A high demand means entry-level products such as C2+ with good »easy-to-clean« properties – also in different colours and unusual effects. Our C2+ ROUGH impresses with its rough, robust surface and its even better abrasion resistance. This means that C2+ ROUGH offers characteristics which had previously only been reserved for three-layer coatings.

Non-Stick Technology Expert