GREBLON® C2+ CamouTec

500% better!

Abrasion resistance, corrosion protection, marking resistance, optics and haptics are the key qualities of non-stick coatings for manufacturers and customers.
Our innovation: Based on a two-layer system, we have developed a new product that offers 500% more performance!


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100% better abrasion

C2+ CamouTec excels in its outstanding abrasion resistance. 
+ BS-Test = 4.000 – 6.000 DR+ ATP-Test = 60 – 90 min

100% better corrosion resistance

Compared to a number of other 3-layer systems on the market, C2+ CamouTec displays markedly improved corrosion protection.

100% better marking resistance

GREBLON® camouflage technology renders the surface far less sensitive to scratching and marking. 

100% better optics and haptics

Let your fantasy run wild. With numerous colour variations and a hard surface, C2+ CamouTec impresses with astounding new visual and haptic qualities. 

100% GREBLON® Premium DNA

GREBLON® Premium DNA lies at the core of C2+ CamouTec: technologically innovative and creative in design.

  • Technology driven

  • Innovation through market research 

  • Complete product portfolio

  • 360° Services 

  • Global market presence

  • close to customers, close to markets

  • Family owned people business 


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