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GREBLON® coatings work on the coated product as if they were tailored for it.

The product range contains high-quality coating systems (PTFE, PFA, FEP etc.), ceramic coatings and a variety of further polymers.

Today GREBLON® is a quality brand where use, function, durability and surface design are concerned. And this applies to housewares as well as essential technical areas.

The coating technologies all have clear advantages which need to be taken into consideration in the decision process. Depending on the requirements of the customer they are used to refine consumer goods and to equip them with real advantages in terms of function. A result that is based on a careful harmonization of the right coating system, the right carrier material and the right application procedure.

Essential requirements for the coating: 

adhesion to the carrier material

non-stick characteristics

corrosion protection

stain resistance

temperature resistance

mechanical resistance, surface hardness, scratch resistance

guaranteed suitability for direct food contact

different colours and gloss levels

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