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In the development and production of our products we use efficient processes focussed on environmental protection and health care. This is worthwhile for the Company, our customers and environment.

Responsible Care

Weilburger delivered a self-obligation to the worldwide valid principles of Responsible Care. It is a fundamental obligation for us to deal with natural resources carefully, to produce safely und to burden the environment as few as possible.

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Environmental policy

Weilburger has a solid history of success in the area of environmental protection. But we don´t want to stop here.

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Environmental protection

By means of our innovative products we contribute to the environment protection and reduction of consumption of resources.

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We are obliged ourselves to promote and to preserve safe working conditions. Thus, the health of our employees is the focus of interest.

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Quality policy

We extend our term of quality by the term of product quality resulting in an outstanding product quality. We offer an improved functionality and reliability to our customers. Thus, there also is an increase of process safety and economic efficiency for our customers.

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Code of Conduct

The trust of our business partners, customers and investors as well that of our employees and the general public in the basic principles of law abiding and responsible action have motivated us to establish a code of conduct.

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