+++ SCIENCE: GREBLON® now also NMP/NEP free +++
More sustainability: Now GREBLON® PTFE C-Series coating solutions also offer versions that are completely free of NMP/NEP. Even where safety provisions relating to the handling of NMP/NEP present no difficulties for professional processors, the guarantee of avoiding SVHC candidates (Substances of Very High Concern) in general can only be an advantage. Thanks to the GREBLON® expertise it’s now easy to switch.

+++ COMPLETE: Handle coatings in GREBLON® quality +++
With a soft touch effect and matt surface, a simple gloss as well as a brilliant high gloss, GREBLON® is the right choice for every handle. For the pan as a whole, GREBLON® offers all-round coordination of appearance, function and feel. …more

+++ ECONOMIC: GREBLON® CK1 and D1 for optimised processing +++
A suggested package for optimised application: On the interior, the one coat ceramic GREBLON® CK1 and on the exterior the newly developed one coat GREBLON® D1 (1017). With a coordinated curing time of 10 minutes and a requirement for identical object temperature at 220 °C, these two GREBLON® product series can be processed together perfectly. This saves time, safeguards the quality and ensures all round trouble-free processing.

+++ TREND: GREBLON® C ROUGH – the tough special edition +++
New possibilities: With the current special edition GREBLON® C ROUGH, two new trendsetters, PTFE based coating solutions GREBLON® C2+ and C3+, are in the starting blocks. Overall they have a rougher and more raised surface to the touch, are extremely robust and at the same time have a tough and attractive finish (clear reduction in marking). So this special series offers really outstanding durability. GREBLON® C Rough is available now.

+++ WEB-APP: realistic planning with the new GREBLON® configurator +++ 
“Realistic planning” – guaranteed with GREBLON®. To review and then make use of the tremendous diversity of the GREBLON® range properly, it helps to use a good “tool”. The new GREBLON® configurator makes easy work of combining the GREBLON® range of interior and exterior coatings with or without spatter effect, in matt or gloss, with a suitable handle coating. The right combinations of interior, exterior and handle coating can be quite conveniently matched on a computer, tablet or smartphone - anytime, anywhere. With the realistic image in the new GREBLON® configurator, the selected combination is generated directly onto the screen. So current trends can be expertly taken up, configured and realistically evaluated. This helps to develop completely new trends.

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