Upgrading with perfect coating

WEILBURGER Coatings GmbH is an expert for innovative coating solutions. Since its founding in the year 1900, the head office of the GREBE group has turned into a major global producer of industrial coating material. We provide the industries with an extensive range of coating systems suitable for conservation of and increase in value as well as embellishment.

Metal, plastic, wood, glass, ceramics, rubber: the support material that carries our coatings is just as diverse as the branches that profit from our know-how. As an expert for industrial coatings we offer among other things individual solutions for machine engineering, glass industry, rail vehicle industry and military technology. On top of that we supply special coatings in the fields of consumer electronics, oven industry, paints for both furniture and packaging industry and our GREBLON®  coatings for cook- and bakeware which have received several awards. All in all, WEILBURGER Coatings produces about 6,500 t of industrial paints every year using the latest state-of-the-art technology.

We build on quality. Because of that our concept of quality assigns relative importance to the process quality as the continuing perfection of all processes will lead to a permanent product improvement. The consistent application and development of our process-oriented quality management system is in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. We provide improved and state-of-the-art functionality and reliability which serve the process reliability and economic efficiency of our customers.

Outstanding technical customer service

WEILBURGER Coatings is an expert for high-quality and individual coating solutions. This is the basis on which we work for and cooperate with our customers throughout the entire process of creating the added value. In order to achieve that you can find us wherever we are needed. This is what our global presence and our fast and competent local technical service guarantee. That way we ensure all over the world that high-quality coatings lead to high-quality coating results.


Direct line to GREBLON® Team: +49 6471 315-0 or info@greblon.com