GREBLON® - The brand for quality

GREBLON® has been the quality brand for non-stick and decorative external coatings of WEILBURGER Coatings for over 35 years. GREBLON® is PTFE as well as ceramics. Today GREBLON® covers the complete product range of high-quality PTFE coatings and ceramic coatings. Where non-stick effect and durability are concerned, GREBLON® has the quality features for both homeware and essential technical areas that leading producers rely on.

Our outstanding flexibility guarantees the quality that is required and needed. That is why thanks to our intensive research and development, our product range is one of the widest and most innovative ones on the complete market for non-stick coating systems and decorative external coatings.

For us, the quality of our communication is as important as the quality of our coating solutions. As an ingredient brand, we are breaking fresh grounds in our communication. The brand GREBLON® communicates through all levels of the value-added chain down to the key decision maker, the consumer. In the consumer’s perception we have now reached a level on which the coating quality that has been developed through tradition, innovative strength and quality management is not only recognized but above all demanded.

The GREBLON® brand communication is as distinctive as it is clear. The brand, the labels, the product identification and the origin of the good quality are becoming clearly visible everywhere. Within our markets, we structure our wide range of products into the different application markets. In the GREBLON® product lines, we focus on just the right coating solutions that best meet the specific requirements of the individual market. This is what we call GREBLON® CEBTD – the really comprehensive supply of specialized coating solutions.

The constantly growing public awareness of the brand GREBLON® and the constantly increasing market penetration confirm that today GREBLON® is a quality brand for non-stick coatings and decorative external coatings that is in demand all over the world.


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