Perfect products are created through ideal combinations

The quality of cook- and bakeware as well as electrical appliances is significantly influenced by the following three criteria:

Substrates, application technology and coating systems.

Today's procurement markets offer numerous combination options of the criteria mentioned above. This makes the decision process for the "right solution" rather complex.

With some information on those three essential criteria, we can already give you an overview and some decision aid to meet your specific customer requirements. It is essential to note that the type of substrates, the thickness of the material, the heat capacity, the thermoconductivity, the processability, the possible preprocessing procedures, the durability and the resulting costs lead to a wide range of products. Especially where houseware is concerned the source of heat plays an important role. Gas flame, electrical hot plate, microwave, ceramic glass hob, circulating heat or induction cooker - they can all influence the creation of the cookware.

As a coating expert, we mainly represent the coating system. However, as an ideal coating result and therefore an ideal product can only be achieved in combination with the substrate and the application technology, we adjust our coatings to the factors.

What is even more, we provide perfect coating solutions as we support our customers as partners.


See how easily GREBLON® coatings blend into a logical framework.


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