GREBLON® coatings – at home anywhere

When you need non-stick and at the same time decorative coatings and the quality of the coating is of crucial importance, GREBLON® plays a decisive role today. No matter whether on frying pans or bakeware, on small electrical devices or tools, GREBLON® coatings prove their excellent characteristics in every field of application.

The GREBLON® specialists in their product lines:

PTFE coating systems and brilliant ceramic sealing solutions

We have developed both our technology and our market competence in over 35 years of commitment to renowned national and international producers in this market segment. As we can base our product line on intensive research and development, it now is one of the widest and most innovative ones in the total market for non-stick coating systems and decorative external coating.

The five GREBLON® product lines

We clearly structure our wide range of products in the respective markets. That is what the GREBLON® product lines stand for. There we strongly focus on the GREBLON® coating solutions which meet the requirements of the respective market best. This is what we call GREBLON® CEBTD – a broad range of specialized coating solutions.