That’s how easy it can be

When it comes to non-stick coating, GREBLON® gets straight to the point. Our newly developed GREBLON® Code is an essential element of that concept. Its coding enables us to make the naming of our structure, our product range and the GREBLON® coating solution easily comprehensible and classifiable.


True to the motto “the triple layer definitely has one more layer than the double layer”, we present ourselves in a way that gives stability and orientation at any time and anywhere. In order to achieve that, the GREBLON® Code interlocks the fundamental criteria that influence the qualifications of a coating product. This enables us to do without the terminology which is used by the rest of the coating market but which is pictographic and weak in meaning. We on the other hand structure our coating products logically into their technology, their market and their quality of coating. That is why it is easy to classify, compare and distinguish GREBLON® coatings immediately – even at the point of sale.

Our divisional structure provided the impulse. Consequently the GREBLON® Code moves from the umbrella brand via the coating technology and the area of application to the quality level. That way our range of products is structured and predetermines the naming of the products.

The demonstration is as simple as it can be and because of that simply impressive. One of our top products from the PTFE technology range used to be named GREBLON® Compound. After the application of the GREBLON® Code it is now called GREBLON® C3. And this is how it works:

For our ceramics coatings the GREBLON® code derives the naming of the products too. Let’s take a look at what used to be our GREBLON® Ceram. Now it has been turned into GREBLON® CK2:

That way PTFE coatings clearly set themselves apart from ceramic coatings and you can directly differentiate between the triple and the double layer.

Never before has it been that easy to recognize and choose the right GREBLON® coating product. This code lets GREBLON® get straight to the point.



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